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Middle takes a stab at Eldest

Middle Daughter read Eldest for an independent reading assignment, and her project was to create a CD cover. She had to write lyrics for two songs, one about a character in the book, and one about a specific event. 

I had to laugh because her first lyric was to the tune of...wait for it...Going Through the Motions. Have I scarred my kids for life or what?

In any case, I thought she did a terrific job, so thought I'd share.

His Life
Every singe day a training arrangement
He goes out and learns to fight
But he was not prepared
For what was coming
It didn’t’ seem real
It didn’t turn out right
He was making shows
Of trading blows
Just because that everyone knows
He was a rider of a dragon
He had to play his part
But his family is still inside of his heart
He was called brave and three parts fool
He was glad that he was changing
He must make the king’s grave
Or else this fight just wouldn’t mean a thing
He works on his sword’s swing
Nobody’s noticing
He did pretty well
When the Urgls fell
And that’s how you can tell
He’s a member of the Varden
He knows how to cast a spell
And he’s been doing very well
Will he stay this way forever
Fighting through his life’s endeavor
When all he has to do is beat the king
Clan Rejection
Why don’t they like me
Do they just hate me
Did I do something wrong
I walked in the town
And he threw it on the ground
A symbol of war and hate
I know dwarves that are angry
And some that are kind
But I thought I’d never find
Some that despise me
How’d I make him mad
I guess I should be glad
That I belong to a clan
That loves me
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