spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Suddenly, it's four days later

How does that happen? Granted, the last few days have been a bit busy, filled with housecleaning and birthday gift shopping and errand running and the search for really-cute-dress-up-nice-shoes-that-only-hurt-a-little-bit. As usual, all those tasks were completed with varying levels of success, although I totally scored on the shoes.

Yesterday was Husband's birthday. He spent it taking The Boy to a birthday party at Chuckee Cheese (not Husband's party - a kid in The Boy's class) while I stayed home and made chicken and dumplings for his birthday dinner. Saturday I took him to dinner at a very fancy-schmancy steakhouse (thus the need for aforementioned shoes) which was divine. The kids stayed with my sister so we had a whole grownups only evening together. We watched an episode of Buffy. Just in case you were wondering why I scored as a Nerdy Girl.
Tags: husband
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