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I'm home today, because The Boy is sick again, this time with some virusy thing. It started with bright red spots on his cheeks, then progressed to joint pain and mild fever, and today is dizziness and headache and mild fever. And the two red spots:

Yesterday they were much bigger and brighter. Today they seem to go away when the Motrin kicks in, then come back when it starts to wear off. I mentioned to someone at work that my son had "one of those rashy virus things kids get" and he replied, "Oh, yeah - like slapface." Slapface? I have to admit that's a new one on me, but it certainly seems appropriate. Must be a Louisiana term.

He's missing an Easter Egg hunt at school today, which is a shame - although he does have two more coming up this weekend, so it's not a total loss. Other than the fact that it is absolutely gorgeous today and will probably be cold and rainy this weekend. Just as a point of reference to my more Northern readers, here on the Third Coast "cold" in April translates to "mid sixties".

Of course I've gotten nothing done today. I had planned to get a lot of work done from home, but gave up after a couple of emails. I have two meetings I need to conference into, but other that that it's a wash. Although speaking of wash I did manage to get one load done and another put away. So I'm not a total slug. Just a partial slug.
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