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How Come The Plan Never Goes Smoothie, or, Where to Put the Blender

I got a blender for Christmas. A really way cool blender, that crushes ice and has a lid, two things which make it light years ahead of my old blender.

It came with a book of useful instructions, like don't handle the blades with appliance plugged in  and keep hands out of the jar while blending. Under the don'ts section, it also says Don't attempt to mash potatoes, knead heavy dough, or beat egg whites, although it doesn't say whether I should not attempt to do these things with the blender, or just in general. Normally, I would guess it means "with the blender", but it's hard to imagine the same people who were careful enough to explain that I should Avoid contact with moving parts would leave anything out .

You might be wondering why I'm just now posting about my blender, since I got it back in December. And if you are, you've obviously forgotten whose blog you're reading. I'm posting about it today because today I took it out of the box. And not only did I take it out of the box, but I used it. Go me!! I made a yummy smoothie with bulgarian yogurt and honey and some berries.

So now I want to keep it somewhere handy, only not on the counter because I don't have room on the counter, but not someplace under the counter because I hate bending over, and not someplace too high because I'm short and can't reach past the first shelf. I would stowe it in the dishwasher, but that's where we keep the swiffer stuff and a box of latex gloves and the extra trash bags.

Any ideas? Where do you keep your blender?

Tags: being a domestic goddess
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