spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

This is my life...because I couldn't make this stuff up

Snippits of conversations overheard around our house recently...

Husband: I'd like to have minions
Middle Daughter: If you get minions, don't get the creepy puppet-headed kind.

The Boy: Can I have some of your candy?
Middle Daughter: No. It's my candy, and I don't want to share it.
The Boy: You have to share - it's God's will.

(Set up - we were watching a tv show, and Husband left to do something in another room. He came back in to watch the end of the show)
Husband: What did I miss?
Middle Daughter: 53 minutes.

The Boy: Sorry, Mom - we only need one King's Fool, and Dad's it.

My cousin: How do you know the turtle is dead?
Her husband: Well, his legs were sticking out of the shell, and they were stiff.
My cousin: You mean he has rigortortise?

Huband: It's half man, half monster. It's a Manster.

The Boy: I'm a Pirate. A sandwich pirate. That's a pirate who only eats sandwiches.

Tags: family, words
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