spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Marching on

Spring is in the air. And by Spring, I mean tree pollen. Lots and lots and lots of tree pollen. Remember the movie Legend, where Tom Cruise tries to use a sword and they do lots of close-ups of Mia Sara and Tim Curry gets to wear those awesome horns and the soundtrack is kick-ass but totally incongruous with the movie? That one? And remember the scene at the beginning where Mia Sara is standing in the meadow and there's this wonderfully sparkly something floating all around her? Like that, only pollen.

Which hasn't stopped me from getting the yardwork bug, which thankfully I only get about twice a year. Last month I got ambitious and chopped the whatever-they-are shrubs by the driveway. I do that every year, only I never clip them far enough back, and am always sorry, so this year I gritted my teeth and hacked 'em. It was so exhilarating that I came inside and hacked off my hair, too. For four days, in fact, because I kept finding bits I missed the first time around. I should have stopped at day two, because even though it wasn't my favorite, it actually was sort of bed-head resistant. Which I suppose wouldn't matter unless I started to sleepwalk, but it was still interesting. In any case, I'm not entirely unhappy with the final result, except that it was very, very dry last month, and this month is isn't, so my stylish layered bob with lots of movement has turned into what can only politely be described as "poodle head".

Undaunted, yesterday I bought lots and lots of flowers and re-did all my containers. Now the countdown until I kill them begins. Keep your fingers crossed for the basil and rosemary, because I love cooking with it but hate buying it.

Today, I might muster the courage to do some weeding.

Tags: randomness
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