spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm still here

A big tease, apparently, since I have still not had time to post an Oscar Fashion Review, but here nonetheless.

I tried to post an update earlier today, but got knocked off by the weather. That's knocked off, not knocked up, which would be really weird.

It's spring break, and Oldest Daughter is here, and we have been busy. We have hiked the nature trails and picnicked at the arboretum, visited Moody Gardens, gotten haircuts, seen the Rome exhibit at the museum, and watched many dvds. There were even rumors of naps being had. With the exception of the day we had the picnic, the weather has been thunderously terrible. The storms today were especially impressive. March didn't come in like a lion, but it is certainly being a beast now that it's arrived.

Real updates with pics at some point. For now, much snoozing.

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