spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Drive-by posting

I need to get ready for work in like, ten seconds, but I haven't posted in so long I thought I should check in. Work has just been a huge energy-sucker lately. Kinda ironic, since I work for an energy company. Or maybe not so much ironic as inevitable?

One bright spot - my team won Best Presentation at the company chili cook-off for the second year in a row. It's the only category we qualify for, since we don't actually make chili. But our presentation did blow the other teams away. Because, you know, we're the only team that actually does a presentation.

The Boy has been flipping back and forth between being really lovey and cuddly and an absolute bear. 

When he's being lovey, he says things like "If there was no more love in the whole world, there would still be love here because we are a loving house."

When he's being beary, he stomps around the house with clenched fists, growling and making faces. Yesterday he told me I wasn't the boss of him, and I reminded him that I was. I so remember these days with Middle Daughter - only she went through her megalomaniacal phase much earlier.

If I post an Oscar fashion review, will it be old  news? Is everyone over it by now? Friday is my 9/80 day, and I'm hoping I will have some time then to hunt down the pics I want to use, but has the moment passed? Remember, your vote counts!

Are Husband and I the only two people watching What About Brian? And if we're not, are we the only ones who think it's weird that they've completely flipped the premise of the show, and now no one is in a steady relationship except the mysterious Other Best Friend who showed up in season two as if he'd actually been around in season one? And while I'm on the subject of television, I just want to add that I'm extremely sad that Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip appears to be over. Why can't smart shows find an audience?

I am getting ready to shell out a thousand bucks to get Middle Daughter tested for ADD and other possible learning issues. Not sure exactly what we'll do after that, except that if she is diagnosed with something we will get an IEP in place, STAT. Right now she is in serious danger of not graduating middle school and possibly facing summer school. And of course I feel like Worst Mother Ever for not doing this sooner, and trying to go through the school for testing instead of just going for private testing in the first place.

Next week is Spring Break, and Oldest Daughter will be here, so all the kids will be here and off school at the same time. Woot!
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