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Let the games begin [Aug. 13th, 2004|08:24 pm]

So, I'm watching the opening ceremonies, because I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, and I'm thinking how nice some of the athletes look as they're walking in. I like the native costumes. I like the jackets and ties. Hate hate hate hate hate the warm-up suits. I think they are too casual for the occasion. In fact, they're downright tacky. So of course, they were an American idea.

I remember it distinctly; Levi's was an official sponsor and designed three different outfits. One was a nice sports coat and slacks-or-skirt combination. One was a warm-up suit. I'm a little fuzzy on the third option, but I think it had more of a western flair. And there was a huge promotion, and ballots were set up in retail outlets that carried Levi's, so that the general public could vote on what the athletes would wear to the opening ceremony.

And the warm-up suits won. Which just goes to show what you get when you let the general public decide on anything.