spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Feb 13, 2007...work work work and then some work

I think my car needs washing

I drop Middle Daughter at School

This sign drives my crazy. I want my ly, dammit. 

I arrive at my cubicle

I check my horoscope calendar - uh oh!

work work work

Keep Flyin

Yay! I check something off the list!

Lunch at my desk

So much work, so little time

I gaze around my cubicle for a while

Can you catch the golden snitch?

My whiteboard is so useful

I love my desk monkey

I warily check my email

I packed a healthy snack...

...but it's cupcake day!

I take a break to buy valentine cards

Yes, there is a sky!

It's late, so the sidewalks are folding up

This is winter where I live

Back in my cube, Access is my friend

Time to pack up

I think I'm the last one out of the building

Oops...I forgot to get gas this morning

Made it to the front door...whew!

This would be a hotspot

The Boy is hiding

This is the valentine he made for Husband

Middle Daughter is happy Eldest arrived today

I'm happy to see my husband!!

And then I was too tired to take any more pictures.

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