spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Welcome to the Plague House (again)

The Boy is very bad sick again, this time with the flu. He is breaking my heart. This morning he cried and said, "I'm not supposed to be sick!" I agreed with him wholeheartedly.

Friday he and Middle Daughter and I all stayed home, because we were all feeling yucky. The kids both had fevers and queasy tummies and Middle Daughter had a sore throat and The Boy had a cough. I dosed them both with Motrin and gave The Boy some cough medicine, and we had a loungey sort of day. Neither of them felt horrible, just droopy, and they even helped me clean the house a bit. (On a side note, I cleaned all day and now the house has been upgraded to Liveable...with any luck, someday in the near future it will reach Almost Clean)

Then came Friday night, and The Boy's fever started to go up. Another dose of motrin, we put him to bed, and then by midnight he was in bed with us, complaining that he needed cold water. He felt like a furnace. He woke up about every 20 minutes crying for water, and his fever kept going up, until it was close to 104. By morning, his chest was rumbling, and his cough sounded like a seal with a six-pack-a-day habit. And he threw up. 

So, I called the doctor's office as soon as they opened, and they told us to come in right away, which we did, without showering or even changing The Boy's clothes. And then we spent over three hours waiting to see a doctor, two of them actually in an exam room. Well, two exam rooms, because after the first hour and a half in one, they moved us to a different doctor. By then we knew what he had, because they had done a flu test, and it had come back positive.

They gave us scripts for Tamaflu, which he can't take because he has to take it with food, and he throws up every time he eats, and "smoke medicine' for his nebulizer to help with the wheezing, and a steriod also to help his lungs along. And of course they gave us WAY too much of the xopenex, so that we have to pay $100 out of pocket for medicine that we will never use and why can't I remember to tell the doctor that we really don't need three boxes because they will expire long before we ever even need to open box #2?

They Boy slept on the bathroom floor for nearly four hours yesterday evening because he was afraid of throwing up again. He spoke wistfully of having pancakes and eggs for breakfast. He woke up this morning with a stomach ache.

I am wondering how Middle Daughter is doing - she is at her dad's this weekend. I am also wondering how long before Husband and I come down with it.

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