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Why I suck [Jan. 21st, 2007|11:10 am]

Yesterday was a DITL day, and I started out all, "I'm gonna take a zillion pictures" and ended up all, "darnit, I forgot to bring the camera" so instead of cute pics of The Boy and Husband getting haircuts together or us hanging out at the library or us buying healthy food at the grocery store - thereby making me look like a much, much better mother than I actually am - I got nuthin'. Which, I suppose, is much more fitting.

On the plus side, I did manage to get some updates done over at my website, including posting the first day of our trip to San Antonio back in August. My next website maintenance task is to post a new recipe and update the individual picture pages, which haven't been touched since 2004. Just one more reason why - you guessed it - I suck.


[User Picture]From: marshmelococoa
2007-01-21 05:26 pm (UTC)
You don't suck. I took about 10 pictures before 10am then nothing after that. LOL I gave it up because I was the suckiest lazy person and sat at my computer all day. At least you DID something. :D
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[User Picture]From: quaero_verum
2007-01-22 01:04 am (UTC)
Mayhaps we're being a tad hard on ourselves....?

If we were to assume that your scenario is the bar to which I must aspire to rise, then my degree of suckage is at a much higher degree than yours will ever be. So really, you should be proud of yourself.

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[User Picture]From: kljohnson7868
2007-01-22 05:16 pm (UTC)

You do NOT suck

...well, maybe lollipops or something. *grin* Can you believe I deliberately went back into the LJ archives JUST to write you about the Lady in the Water film? Yes, I loved it that much.

I'd like to do a DITL day....but is there a specific WAY to do it? Details, chica!

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From: misty_bay
2007-01-22 08:14 pm (UTC)

As much as I would love to validate your

"I suck" theory, I can't.

I'm to mesmerized by that gorgeous family of yours.

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