spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

The year in review

Here is is, a brand new year, and me, as usual, completely unprepared. I was going to do the "first line of first post of each month" review, but lord, was it boring!  How do you people read this drivel that is my life? I should take up alligator wrestling or something, so that I have exciting stories to tell. Although with my luck, I'd only wrestle boring alligators.

The past week has been busy - Oldest Daughter was here and there was much partying and shopping and general merriment (although, being 17, she is no doubt bored by it all - boredom being the running theme of this post, apparently) She's on her way to San Antonio for a friend's 18th birthday party extravaganza, so The Boy and I are home watching Ultraman and pretending the house doesn't need cleaning.

The Boy continues to crack me up. The other day, I offered him a pecan, and he replied with, "No thanks...I'm not a particularly big fan of nuts." Where does he come up with this stuff?

I am still sifting through a week's worth of pics. Will try to get some posted before too long.

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