spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Deck the halls

Day bazillion. Still sick. But I did find some heavy-duty prescription cough syrup in the back of the medicine cabinet, which means I haven't coughed hardly at all today. It also means I haven't stood up hardly at all today. But we did manage to get to the grocery store to restock the basics, and to Sam's to pick up a Christmas present and a slice of pepperoni pizza for The Boy, who thinks Sam's pizza is about the best thing ever.

We also got the Christmas stuff down from the attic (no possums in sight, although their memory lingers in the air up there, if you catch my meaning). So now the wreath is on the front door, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care, and the tree is up. Sort of. I spent a good half hour fluffing it, which resulted in large whelps on my hands and wrists (from dust, I suppose, although it didn't look dusty at all). Husband strung the lights, and we let The Boy hang a few ornaments before Middle Daughter came home. 

I didn't want to hang all the ornaments until she arrived, because all evidence to the contrary, I still delude myself into thinking my children actually enjoy decorating the tree.  You would think, after all these years, I'd get it. My children view decorating the tree as work. Work that they are perfectly happy to let someone else do. Oh, they start out enthusiastically enough, but after about three ornaments, they're already starting to wander off in search of something more interesting.

When I was growing up, I loved decorating the tree. I loved getting out the ornaments. I had a system, where I'd hang each one at the height I was when I made it. Certain ornaments hung in certain places of honor each year. I still remember the year I ran over to a friend's while my dad was still hanging the lights, only to come home and find the tree already decorated. I sobbed for hours. 

My children do not share my love of tradition, and they certainly haven't inherited my nearly insane sentimentality about random objects. I suppose that isn't entirely a bad thing. I mean, they aren't ever going to freak out if no one makes a red velvet cake one year, or if the socks they wore on the first day of school end up in the goodwill box.

So anyway, about half the ornaments are on the tree, and we still need to set up the nativity, polar bear and all. But at least it's beginning to look like Christmas.

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