spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm back...sort of

Did you miss me? I haven't posted in a bit because 1) I'm still sick and 2) our internet connection was sick, too. Very frustrating, on both counts. But the computer is back to top form, and I am hopefully on the road to recovery, so will try to get caught up over the next couple of days.

For now, I just want to say that I only thought the cast and crew of Firefly/Serenity were Big Damn Heroes. After this weekend, I know it. Upon finding out that the sold-out-a-year-in-advance Flanvention (a very, very high-price ticket "meet and greet" type convention) was canceled ONE HOUR prior to registration, leaving 500 ticketholders out some serious change and over 150 of them either already at the hotel or in flight (some from places as far away as Australia and England), our BDH, who were not getting paid, showed up anyway and spent the evening chatting, signing autographs, and taking pictures.

The ever considerate Adam Baldwin popped by the hotel within hours of the cancellation announcement on Thursday. Mark Sheppard (Badger) spent the entire day Friday visiting with fans. When someone exclaimed, "It was so nice of you to come" he replied, "Why wouldn't I come?" Our beloved Captain, Nathan Fillion, brought a box filled with stuff from his own closet and handed out the swag. Alan Tudyk, who had much earlier cancelled his scheduled appearance because of filming conflicts, found time to stop by for a few hours. Christina Hendricks (YoSafBridge) showed up even though she was on a date at the time. A first date, no less. Jonathan Woodward (Tracy from The Message), Greg Edmundson (composer for Firefly) and Brett Matthews (writer of the Firefly comics) also stopped by.

These are good people, folks. The real deal. Big hugs to them, with hugs left over for the California Browncoats, who scrambled to put together some planned events for the weekend with almost no notice, and all the browncoats who made donations to the Browncoat Backup Bash effort (over $4500 so far). Sometimes, fandom isn't just about wearing funny clothes and making inside jokes.
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