spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

So maybe I'm not such a whiner baby after all

The Boy has been having intermittent ear pain since midweek last week. He'll be fine for hours, then suddenly start screaming and holding his ear. We made it through the holidays with Tempergesic and Motrin, and today I took him to the doctor because he just wasn't getting better, plus has been unusually grumpy the last couple of days.

Turns out he has strep. Turns out I do, too. So major meds for the both of us and now I feel totally justified for being such a whiner. So much so that I treated myself to some baked brie on country french bread with apricot jam and pine nuts.

And of course this is the worst day ever to miss work, since one of my guys is out with pneumonia and the other is moving to a new department Friday and his stuff isn't transitioned yet and we were going to do a semi-emergency rollout tonight to repair some stuff that broke last week. Sigh. 

Maybe I need more brie.
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