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I'm having trouble focusing lately; partly because work is still a bear (not a real bear, mind you, but certainly beary enough to warrant the comparison) and partly because I'm me.

Proof of my me-ness: the hairbrush incident of last week. Backstory goes like this: I talk to myself. I tend to talk with my hands. Gesticulate is the word, I believe. I especially talk to myself when I can't really hear myself, such as when I'm running some sort of appliance. OK, quit trying to analyze what this means...it's simply a framework for the incident I'm about to relate. Backstory over, now flash forward to my recent past. I'm drying my hair, talking to myself, making a brilliant point accompanied by the corresponding aforementioned gesticulation, and POW! Right in the eye with the ol' hairbrush. Fortunately I didn't give myself a black eye, since I was meeting an internet friend for lunch that day, and if I showed up with a black eye and had to explain about the hairbrush thing I'm sure she would go back to the boards and tell everyone my husband beats me. Because, really, who would believe a story like that? Yet, there it is.

Bliss asked me to do a fashion review of the TomKat wedding, but I can't, because in all honesty, she looked lovely. Loved the wedding dress, loved the dress she wore to the reception, the kids looked cute, even the CruiseKitten, Tom needs a haircut. Most of the guests had the wherewithal to show up looking like they were going to a wedding, and not understudying for Suessical the Musical, with the exception of Victoria Beckam, but then, she's someone who once thought being called Posh Spice was a good idea, so what do you expect?

Oh, and for those who have been on pins and needles wondering about my toaster oven, I looked through the excellent site suggested by aims814, read some product reviews on amazon, perused some fliers from various stores, then went to Target and bought the cheapest model they had. Twenty bucks, and now I have toast. Part of it was me being cheap and part of it was just me not liking any of the ones I saw enough to make a decision. 

And now, due to the focus thing, I have no way to get out of this post gracefully. So I'll just stop typing, and hope no one notices.
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