spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Welcome to the plague house

Well, not really...but it sure has seemed that way.

Husband was sick for two days this week. In retrospect, it looks like he had a bad migrane. I hope this doesn't mean he's going to start getting them on any sort of regular basis. Or, you know, ever.

The Boy started feeling droopy on Thursday afternoon, and was full-blown sick by Thursday night, complete with throwing up and fever of 102. We all spent a miserable night, with him tossing and turning in our bed and wanting cold water every half hour. So, Friday we stayed home and he lolled around on the couch watching Cars and the Sponge Bob movie while nibbling crackers and jello.

Then yesterday, Middle Daughter was stung on the arm by an asp while playing in the back yard. She bore it fairly well for the first couple of hours, then broke down and cried when the pain kept getting worse. I felt so sorry for her...I was stung when I was nine and still remember how much it hurt. We gave her some benedryl and motrin and an ice pack and sprayed it with sting away but nothing helped. This morning, thankfully, it felt better. I tried to get some pics but couldn't....but it pretty much looks like these. I had a scar for years from mine, so I'm wondering if she'll have a scar on her wrist now.

Keep your fingers crossed for us. I'm ready for everyone to be well now.
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