spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

And so it begins

One disadvantage of having children eight years apart is that you forget certain things in between. Like the fours. Even though The Boy is racing towards five at dizzying speed, he is still very much four. And this week, combining two of the most delightful foursims - potty talk and defiance - into one fourishly delicious package.

Like last night, when he kept calling Middle Daughter names like "Stupid" and "Loser" and "Butt". In The Boy language, these are Seriously Bad Words. So, Husband told him to knock it off. More than once. Finally, Husband gave The Boy an "or else". 

And The Boy looked him in the eye and said "You're a Stupid Loser Butt!" 

You can paint your own picture of the hilarity that ensued.
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