spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

What was in that stuff again?

Yesterday was our National Night Out block party. Nice turnout; everyone brought a favorite dish and of course I had to eat some of everything, since I wasn't sure who had brought what and didn't want to run the risk of insulting the neighbors at my table by the absence of their award winning pasta-and-something-unidentifiable salad on my plate.

Two local officers came by and one gave out his card. These are like baseball cards, only for cops. (Can I say cops? Is that respectful? Because after reading this guy's card, I certainly don't want to be on his bad side)

Today I'm feeling a bit odd, and I don't know if it's from the cream-cheese-and-something-vaguely-yellow dip or the spider bite on my back.

Tomorrow has the potential to be a really bad day. Can't share details, but send some good vibes my way.

In good news, I'm definitely in the Citizen's Fire Academy; got my paperwork squared away today and the orientation class is on Saturday.

No punchline tonight; just a brain dump.
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