spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It's been a day

In fact, it's been a week of days, and it's only Tuesday. So don't expect anything funny from me.

However, you can always expect something funny from the blogs I link to. And since I know that many of you, my adoring fans, don't actually come to my blog but instead get my posts through other means, thus accounting for the never-increasing hits on my website counter (that is why, right?) and therefore don't even know that I have links to other blogs, I've decided to point you towards a couple of them in this post.

The first is Siskers. We met online, on opposite sides of a debate fence, and she has the distinction of being my first ever cyber friend. I dreaded getting into debates with her, because it was so hard to form a coherent argument when I was laughing too hard to type. She was the one who got me to lighten up and come back to the fray after I threw a typical goodbye, cruel board newbie fit. And although I know her name is Laurie, I can never think of her as anything other than millimom, or milli.

The next is someone new to the blogosphere. Another veteran of the debate boards, she has just made her first post over at Such is Life. The tagline under her blog title was enough to make me laugh for twenty minutes, and I hope she blogs often. Pop over and give her a few words of encouragement. You'll thank me later.

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