spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

I'm so easily distracted

Both Siskers and annieb have made some great posts about faith. Interestingly (at least to me) they both touched on some things that I had been mulling around in my head for a while, and was thinking about posting. But they beat me to it, and said it better than I could have, so instead, tonight I'm going to blog about television.

Why television, you ask? Well, because if I don't blog about television, the only other thing I have to talk about at the moment is how I got distracted in the parking garage this morning, and ended up on the roof, and then got distracted going back down to my usual 7th floor spot, and ended up going past the gate to our section, and so had to exit the parking garage and go around the corner to the entrance on the other side to start all over, but missed that entrance because it's not the one I normally use and didn't recognize it, so had to completely circle the building to get back to my usual entrance, all of which made me 15 minutes late for work, and since that story makes me look like a total doofus, I'm going to stick with television.

So, here's my impressions of the new TV season so far:

Grey's Anatomy - still hate Merideth. Still can't see why one man would fall for her, much less two. Just. Not. Buying. It. Plus, in the pilot McDreamy didn't even tell her he was going to leave his wife, so what was the big draw of that little speech?

Desperate Housewives - much more fun this season, but please. Bree would never - never, ever, ever, not in a zillion years - wear a formal gown and veil to her second wedding. Stick with the characters, guys. But major bonus points for adding Dougray Scott to the cast. Yum.

Heroes - I'm kinda digging this more than I thought I would. I was starting to lose interest until the whole time travel thing. Things just got very interesting. Plus, I heart Hiro. He should have his own show. Loving the inside comic/scifi/geeky goodness jokes, but thinking this one doesn't have legs.

Jerico - Yawn. It's picking up a bit, but the annoying meter is already going off the scale. Landlocked Lost, without the compelling backstories, any real sense of mystery, or eye candy. Plus, bad science.

Boston Legal - I will never get tired of Denny Craine. Just when you think he can't get any worse, he gets worse. How can you not love anyone that bad? Plus, extra points for inside Trek jokes.

Dancing with the Stars - still the best family show on television, even though this is turning out to be the Year of Weird Music Choices and Even Uglier Dresses. I'm sad that Harry got voted off so soon. Wondering if Jerry Springer's fan base can carry him through to the end. Wondering if Jerry Springer's fan base can even figure out how to use telephones in order to vote for him. 

Studio 60
- strong out of the gate. Sorkin, how we've missed ya!! Matthew Perry is still Chandler, but now he's Deep Chandler. The bear said, RHAARRR!!

Did I miss anything? Keep in mind that in my Eternal Cheapness, we do not have cable, so my opinions are limited to Network Television only.
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