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Less feverish and dizzy today, which was a good thing because this morning was CPR class. It was only a 4-hour course, and things are much simplified since I was last certified, so that was nice. I was pleased that I remembered as much as I did, and it was nice to get to practice again.

When I got home, I had the urge to eat something really bad for me, so we took the kids to Bennigan's and I had a Monte Christo sandwich. Our lunches were very...fried. But yummy, and I sprung for dessert, which we all shared. I haven't eaten since, and given the way I feel, might not eat for another day or two.

During lunch, The Boy wanted to play I Spy. Or at least, his version of I Spy, which is more like "I will describe something in great detail and then you tell me what it is". I don't know why the concept of this game seems to escape my children. The Boy is somewhat better than Middle Daughter, who at the same age was famous for saying things like "I spy a tree!" Which pretty much makes it a one-player game. 

The Boy's version comes complete with themes; today it was Zoo animals. Which means the game went something like, "I spy something that lives in the water and has eight legs",or "I spy something that's big, gray, and has a long trunk". Lest you think this game is completely unchallenging, we do have to deal with clues like Middle Daughter's "I spy something big, and gray...or maybe pink...OK, I don't really know what color it is. But it's big."

The hardest to guess are Husband's, because he comes up with gems like this one: "I spy something that lives half in the water, half on land, and eats bananas" I guessed Moby Kong, which wasn't too far off from the "right" answer, which was "a monkeypottamous". I know him so well.

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