spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Playing catch-up

I seriously need to make note of stuff I want to blog about, because I swear I cannot remember anything for more than ten minutes. I know yesterday I had at least three different things I wanted to say, but then the news about Pluto just chased them out of my head completely. And, on a side note, I am both gratified and mystified to find that so many shared my distress at the news. I mean, who knew?

Today I had a lot on my to-do list, and didn't really do much of it. But, the kitchen is clean, the floors are all swept, the rugs vacuumed, the bathroom rugs are in the drier, a load of towels is waiting patiently to be folded, the den is picked up, the multitude of pipe cleaners that have been twisting their way around the floor have been herded back into their container, and a chicken is boiling on the stove. Not too shabby, I suppose, given that I got something of a late start.

I also got to have a nice leisurely lunch at La Madeline with one of my very few real (as opposed to virtual) friends. Tomato basil soup, seven grain bread, half a chicken cordon bleu sandwich, and a side of pesto pasta salad. And then I was really, really bad and had a caramel cream puff and hazelnut latte for dessert. But I also haven't snacked at all today, and only had a piece of bread with peanut butter for breakfast, so I figure if I eat nothing but leafy greens for the next three days it should all even out. Oh, but there's that whole chicken-on-the-stove thing, which means chicken and dumplings for dinner, so I guess I'm doomed.

I also went shopping with my mom to find fabric to make The Boy a valance for his windows. My mother suggested yesterday that we go today, and also offered to make them if we found the fabric. Translated from MomSpeak, this means, "I know you are totally incompetent and a notorious procrastinator, and unless I take charge and do this for you it will never get it done." Which is annoying, but only because it's true.

So, we traipsed off to Interior Fabrics, which is like, my favorite store ever, but much to my dismay they didn't have anything suitable. If The Boy was not The Boy but was instead Third Daughter, we could have sprained our brains trying to pick from the bazillion adorable choices. It didn't help matters that The Boy had some definite ideas about what he wanted, as well.

In the end, we went across the street to SunnyRoads and found a windowpane blue and yellow check that is not at all what I had in mind but will be cute, and certainly cuter than what he has now, which is nothing.

And now, it's make-the-dumplings-time.

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