spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Pluto, we hardly knew ye

Say it isn't so...Pluto got downgraded and is no longer a planet.  I'm not so sure I'm OK with this, especially after what a hard time I had fitting all nine planets on that poster I had to make in sixth grade. But it's not just that I'm personally invested in the issue. It's the whole idea of it.

I mean, there was Pluto - little, wobbly - but doing the best he could. It took forever for us to notice poor Pluto, but once we spotted him we let him into the circle, and suddenly there he was hanging out with the big guys, part of the solar system. One of the cool kids. And then...BAM. Out. Just like that. One day you're walking the halls with a gaggle of girls and the next you're wandering around the cafeteria like the Flying Dutchman, if the Flying Dutchman were balancing a tray loaded down with processed chicken patties, cold lima beans and a leaky miniature carton of milk.

And what, exactly did Pluto do wrong? That's the kicker. Pluto didn't change. It's just now, a scant 76 years later (which, I might point out, is like only a couple of semesters in Pluto Years) that we've gotten picky about who gets to be a Planet. One little overlap of Neptune's orbit, and badaboom-badabing, it's all over. 

I suppose, on the plus side, Holst's Planets Suite is no longer short one movement.

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