spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Clearing the back forty, part II

Since yesterday wasn't torture enough, I spent most of today working in the yard again. Pulled about three miles of kudzu vines from the beds and yard, and my compost heap is now full to bursting again. I uncovered three azaleas that I thought were lost forever. I hope they were glad to see sunlight again.

Along the back fence, I found a sapling that had grown up half-hidden among the iris and marauding trumpet vines. It was a little less than waist high, and slender as my little finger. I thought it would be easy to pull, but I had a devil of a time getting it out. In the end, I just dug down as far as I could and broke it off. I guess that should teach me a lesson; some problems get bigger if you ignore them.

I have to say I was rather envious. To be so young and yet so firmly rooted is an admirable thing.

Tags: lame gardening
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