spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It's a mad mad mad mad world

When I was a youngling, I loved Mad magazine. As in loved loved loved Mad magazine. I think it shaped my sense of humor more than just about anything except my family, which still must take responsibility for many of my more quirky traits.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because one of my all-time favorite Mad publications was a collection of poems about animals. And my all-time favorite poem in that collection seems rather appropriate to dedicate to mistyforeverlost:

The Bat
By Frank Jacobs

Bats are creepy; bats are scary;
Bats do not seem sanitary;
Bats in dismal caves keep cozy;
Bats remind us of Lugosi;
Bats have webby wings that fold up;
Bats from ceilings hang down rolled up;
Bats when flying undismayed are;
Bats are careful; bats use radar;
Bats at nighttime at their best are;
Bats by Batman unimpressed are!

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