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Even though I'm totally bummed that not one person commented on my really cool zebra pic, I'm going to pretend like you're all just dying to see my vacation pictures.

In true me fashion, I've done the middle day first. This was the day we went to Wonder Cave, then came back to San Antonio to hang out on the riverwalk. This is also the day I got to eat at Tony Roma's. Yum! They closed all the ones here and I haven't had Tony Roma's in forever. In fact, I think the last time I ate there was when I was pregnant with Middle Daughter, only didn't even know it yet.  Appropriately enough, she and I split a sampler platter and were in rib heaven.

One cute story, then on to the pics. When we reached the bottom of the cave, our guide turned out the lights so we could see what total darkness looks like. (Hmm...that doesn't sound right) As everyone OOoood and AAhhhd, he said, "OK, when I count to three, everyone be really quiet...One...two...three" Everyone stopped talking and in the sudden silence we heard The Boy's voice out of the darkness, "Daddy, are you invisible?"

Now, on to the pics!
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