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In which I am a hypocrite - Spin the Moon [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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In which I am a hypocrite [Aug. 10th, 2006|07:20 am]
I can't spell worth beans, something those of you who have been reading me for a while (either here or elsewhere) have no doubt noticed. Spell check is my friend, but I forget to use it, much the same way I forget to send my friends birthday cards. So now I'm not just a lousy speller but a lousy friend. My secrets are out. Drat.

Um, back to the spelling...I'm going to be a total hypocrite now and point out some spelling things that drive me batty. Because they aren't spelling things so much as getting-it-wrong things.

There, Their, They're. These are three different words. They are not interchangeable. I don't know why this bugs me so much, but it does, even more than the your/you're thing, which bugs me a LOT.

Walla. Sometimes known as Whalla, or Whala. It's Voila. As in, French. And although I perfectly understand the urge to resist the french (having worked for a French company for nearly a dozen years) there's really no way around this one. As a side note, yesterday I ran across "cultisacks" for cul-de-sac which made me laugh in a way that walla does not.

Butt naked. The term is buck naked. Do not argue with me on this. I know millions of people use butt naked. They are wrong. And they look silly.

This has been a public service announcement. You may now return to your regular programming.

[User Picture]From: spinthemoon
2006-08-14 01:58 pm (UTC)
OK, just what sort of places do you hang out that people actually type "supposvedly"? And do they SAY it that way?
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