spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

It figures

I am taking The Boy to the doctor this morning. He has just been grumpy and tired and pale for a couple of weeks now, and although he doesn't have any specific complaint, is just not his usual bouncy self.

I picked today to take him not just because he woke up saying he didn't feel well, but because the only thing I have on my schedule is a lunch. My company does this thing where 15 - 20 people have lunch with an officer of the company, who gives a short talk and then opens the floor for questions. The lunch today is with our CEO, and I was lucky to snag a spot before it filled up.

So of course the only appointment the doctor had available was for 30 minutes before my lunch. Which means I won't even get in to see the doctor until 15 minutes after the lunch starts, because my ped always runs 45 minutes behind. Grr.
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