spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Good thing my words are tasty

Because now I'm eating them.

Yesterday, I posted about how I wasn't going to go shopping over the tax-free weekend. And then this morning I realized that we will be out of town next weekend, and Middle Daughter starts school the Monday after that, and I haven't gotten her any school clothes. And while her clothes from last year still fit, they aren't in very good shape. Which, while we're on the subject, I'd like to ask who was the bonehead that decided that white shirts were a great school uniform for middle schoolers? At least in elementary school she could wear red or navy.

So, this morning we hit JCPenney around 9:30 - late enough to miss all the early bird shoppers but early enough to miss the crowds that didn't know the store opened early.

The shirts were a breeze. Big rack, on sale, found four her size plus one in a new buttonless placket/cap sleeved version. I'm going to let her get two new school logo polos and those, coupled with the few left over from last year that aren't in too bad of shape (especially since by mid-year the new ones will look just like the old ones) should be plenty.

Then came jeans. Last year the Arizona size 14's fit her perfectly. This year, she can still wear them, but they are getting a bit snug. Unfortunately, the 16's just looked huge. Sigh. So, it was down to the Junior department. Where the jeans all looked like they'd been drug through the mud by a pig with a mission. We did manage to find three pair for her to try on that weren't completely faded, ripped, worn, or overdyed with what appeared to be old soup. 

And, of course, they didn't really work. Because Middle Daugher is somewhat vertically challenged. And the Junior jeans are made for skinny lanky teens, not short curvy barely-teens. All three pair were too long, but she decided she could live with the pair that only hung four inches past the soles of her feet. Those were the size 3 "short" jeans.

In other news, I found three fabulous lightweight sweaters to wear to work - two pullovers and one cardigan. And two of them were on sale - one was only $13 (regularly $44). Go me!

We ran by Target to see if we could find better jeans and also pick up a birthday present for the party she had this afternoon. Repeat of the too-long thing, but we did find one more pair that would work. Sob. Instead of the cheap $14.99 Arizona jeans that fit perfectly, I'm now paying $27 for jeans that really don't fit all that well. To add insult to injury, the ones at Penney's were buy one, get one free - but they only had ONE pair. Figures.

Thus endeth my eating of words. For now.
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