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What I did on Saturday [Jul. 30th, 2004|08:12 pm]

OK, so it was a Thursday, but the song is about Saturday. Do you recognize this man?

If not, it's because he's out of context. Or he is if you aren't aware of the fact that when Steve Burns hung up his green striped shirt, he picked up a guitar. And luckily for me, last night he picked it up at Walter's on Washington, and I was there to see it. And hear it. Heck, and even feel it, because Steve Burns in concert is a total body experience.

I have a link to Steve's web page on my regular site, so I'm sure you've already been there. But just in case you didn't take the time to look around, you ought to go back. Take a few minutes to peruse the site that is Steve. And then buy Songs for Dust Mites. And next time he's in town, drop everything and run to whatever venue he's playing.