spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Ah-HAH!! Just what I always suspected

You may have noticed that I now have a nifty little map up there at the top of my page. This is not just any map - it's also a site counter. So now I have proof of what I already suspected: no one is reading me. Not only does the map show me how many people are not reading me, it shows me where they are when they aren't doing it.

Before you start rolling your eyes - and you know you were about to, admit it; I caught you mid-roll - this is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, I would love it if zillions of people read my blog. I mean, I must possess either a pretty healthy ego or a pretty unhealthy need for attention to even have a blog in the first place. 

But, not having thousands of readers is good news, because it means this blog is all about you. Yes, you. Because I'm not writing for millions; I'm writing for you. Because you're the only one here. 

And all this time you thought it was about me.
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