spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

Then again, maybe I am old

I made a comment about Bobby Sherman in one of my friend's blogs. And she didn't know who Bobby Sherman was. And this is a grown woman. With teenage children. So it's not like she just fell off the turnip truck. I mean, maybe she did just fall off the turnip truck - she does live in a pretty rual area, although I don't think they grow turnips in Maine - but she's not exactly a teenybopper. And I suspect that the fact I just used the term "teenybopper" seals the deal on that "I am old" thing.

But, seriously...Bobby Sherman????? Not knowing Bobby Sherman? The first boy-man man-boy who set my heart aflutter? He of the crooked grin and the blue blue eyes and the floppy bangs? Who played the adorable shy youngest son on Here Come the Brides with that adorable stutter, except for that one episode where he stopped stuttering, but then became kind of a jerk, and nearly lost the girl he loved, but then started stuttering again and got all sweet and nice again, and she liked him again? How can anyone not know this? How? How?

And as it just so happens, today is Bobby Sherman's birthday. Do not ask me how I know these things, youngling. When you are old and wise, you too shall know the secrets of the universe.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!!

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