spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

In which I whine a great deal about nothing in particular

Well, maybe not whine, but perhaps growl at the world a bit. Only because I'm still not over being sick, got poked with a needle again in the same arm I got poked last week, and then got a "hitch" in my back that is causing me to move more or less (mostly more) like the robot from Lost in Space, only I can't even do the cool "Danger, Will Robinson!!!" arm wavy thing because moving my arms makes it feel like something is stabbing me in the back. Which I guess is better than having someone stabbing me in the back, like that backstabbing backstabber Sarah stabbing backs on Hell's Kitchen. What a bee-eye-tee-see-aich she is, and I can't believe she didn't get kicked off the show this week.

In other news, which is the same news as my first news, but different news than Hell's Kitchen update news, my doctor says I have a sluggish thyroid and even though it's still in the normal range (barely) given my general state of run-downess and blahness and general not-feeling-wellness, she has prescribed me an itty bitty baby dose of hey! kick-it-up-a-notch, thyroid! medicine. So maybe in a few weeks I won't be so couchable. She also says the thyroid could account for the elevated liver levels (which is fun to say three times fast but in actuality really probably isn't any fun at all) which would be nice because I suspect the bazillion other things that could cause that aren't as simple.

So that's me, whining. I'm off to take something for my back and get what The Boy would call some Serious Shut-eye.
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