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Couch potato, couch potato, couch potato four [Jul. 16th, 2006|08:56 am]

You would think, after two days of forced couch-sitting, that I would be raring to go. But I'm not. Friday I did more than my fair share of lounging about. I used the fact that I still had a fever as an excuse, but really, I've just lost motivation. Husband and I did sneak off to a movie without the kidlets, so I did manage to at least make it out of the house.

So, yesterday I figured I'd be back in the swing of things, and even planned to take The Boy to a play, since he enjoyed Midas and the Golden Touch so much. Would you like to go see a play? I asked him. Which one? he wanted to know. Cinderella, I replied, knowing it's one of his favorite stories. Nah, he said. We already have the movie.

No amount of cajoling could get him to change his mind. Turns out, he just wasn't in a mood to leave the house. When dh told him it was time to get dressed, The Boy objected.

Can't we all just be couchable today? he asked. So, for the most part, we were. Quite couchable indeed.


From: (Anonymous)
2006-07-18 12:36 am (UTC)
Smart boy ;O)


(and apparently one must confirm they are human if they so happen to be fast readers AND typers ;O)
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