spinthemoon (spinthemoon) wrote,

So, I take this free online astrology report thingy. And here's what it says (slightly edited for redundancy)

Your path of soul development in this lifetime revolves around developing your awareness of yourself as a distinct, unique individual.  It is not enough for you to simply be who and what you are, you must radiate your inner essence outwardly, express it, bring it forth in a creative way.  Although ultimately your goal is self-discovery and self-recognition, you initially have a profound need to make an impression on others and to be recognized and appreciated by the world.  In many ways you are like the eager child who delighted with the discovery of a new power or accomplishment, demands of all and sundry "See ME! Look what I can do!"...the joy of self-discovery and self-expression, and the yearning for "strokes", applause, and affirmation is very much present in you...Your tendency to dramatize or exaggerate, and your desire to be the center of attention comes from a need to project yourself into the world in order to see yourself and what makes you special.  However, your acute awareness of yourself as an individual can also lead to an excessive, constant self-consciousness which may actually inhibit your free flow of self-expression...And you can be incredibly self-centered at times, blind to other people's realities and to the larger realm of life which does not revolve around you. 

It is imperative for you to find an area in which you can excel and shine and truly make a significant, personal contribution which matches your inner sense of nobleness.  You must have a domain, one which is yours alone to shape and fashion according to your own inner dictates.  Unless you are acting from your own heart, from your own core, you are not fulfilling your destiny.  Thus, you will resist imitating and being dictated to by others, for your task is to find your own inner light and radiate it.

Which just confirms what I've always said...it's all about me. Whew. At least now I have an objective third party confirmation of it.

Tags: desperate for attention
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